Shipping: I will send out your order within 2-4 business days. It will be sent with a tracking number by UPS ground.

How do you arrive at your shipping rates? I went into UPS with my finished pieces of different weights and sizes and determined exactly how much it would cost to ship each item from Los Angeles to numerous locations throughout the country. It gave me a clear idea of what the shipping costs for items of various weights and sizes are. I then rounded down. I'm not interested in trying to make money off of shipping, I just want to cover most of my basic shipping costs. I apply unique shipping prices to each of my wares, based off my knowledge of what things cost to ship. You may notice that all of my combined shipping is set at fifteen dollars regardless of the cost of the "ship alone" price. Sometimes this may work to your advantage and other times not! I've really tried to make it all as reasonable as possible but wouldn't be able to absorb much more in combined shipping should the order be made of mostly heavy things! At some point I just took a breath and priced things at the fairest average I could. If you find yourself just wanting to buy a wee little spoon, or a few pairs of chopsticks, by all means, email me! I'll be happy to adjust the shipping price for you. Additionally, I'm happy to schedule local pick ups.

Do you ship internationally? Not at this time. I have not yet figured out reasonable enough shipping.

Do you do wholesale? I do not.  I hand make each and every piece and that takes time. I sell directly through my store and sometimes in pop up shops and sales in different locations. I'll always let you know through my blog and instagram when those sales will be happening.

What do you polish your wood with? I make my own non-toxic, food grade wood butter from beeswax and coconut oil. All of my wares are polished smooth with it. As a side bonus, it's great for the skin.

Do you use stains on your wood? Never! I work with wood that inspires me. The natural beauty of the wood is brought out through sanding and polishing it smooth.